LE FIL ROUGE is a yarn shop specialised natural yarns.

Knitting is no longer a necessary labor, but a hobby, an occupation that brings peace in these stressful times. By being creative with lovely yarns, picking out colours from a colourful palette and using models to create something of your own liking.

A lot of yarn brands publish a new collection twice a year: one for the winter and summer. Along with the new yarns you get catalogues of the contemporary yarn fashion according to the latest trends. You give these models your personal touch.

LE FIL ROUGE sells two of the top brands KATIA and LANG.

The Spanish KATIA has a focus on playful, youthful and colourful models.

LANG is a Swiss brand, they bring more refined models in natural yarns.

Other yarn brands we have are NORO and HABU from Japan.

We also have the DMC lines Natura and Petra 3.

Furthermore we have the Naturwolle of INGEBORG MICHELS.